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Triple S Trucking: Fluid Haul

Let Triple S Trucking help manage your production and drilling fluid requirements. We offer full service hauling from drilling through production fluids:

  • Transporting fluids to and from drilling and completion rigs
  • Hauling produced water from well sites to approved disposal sites
  • Experienced in all aspects of fluid management
  • Water truck capacities of 80, 100, and 110 bbl
  • DOT specified vacuum tank trucks
  • Combination truck and pup trailer vacuum truck, and 150 bbl tanker transport

Hauling Versatility. Our Pennsylvania location is equipped with some of the most versatile trucks in the industry — with a vacuum pump, a hydraulic winch, and a fifth wheel all on one truck. If you need a 130 bbl vacuum tanker truck for water hauling, a winch truck with a trailer to haul equipment or sand/bulk trailers, or a fifth wheel truck to move your 500 bbl mobile frac tanks — one truck does it all.

Safety Driven. Safety at Triple S Trucking begins with our pre-job hazard analysis, followed by attentive drivers who are engaged and committed to safely and successfully complete the job. Triple S continually raises the bar to make each day a "Perfect Day."



When you think of fluids, think Triple S Trucking.